When Google gets to something, they do it best. Google Adwords, Adsense, Analytics, GSuite are only a few of the many testimonials to this statement. To top it off when Google came up with Golang its very own Programming language; it was only but natural that it should become one of the most widely used computer languages by designers and developers.

As a Golang development Company, Qwentic uses Golang to develop software, mobile and web-based projects and cloud platforms. Golang is “easy to compile,” “easy to use” -basically the language feels light and agile, despite being statically typed. It compiles at amazing speed, thanks to the minimalist syntax, thus giving Go a rather “dynamic” feel. We are offering services as end to end technology consultants to help clients tap global technology.

Why Golang


Millions of platform users

TThis is the foremost factor we consider while choosing Golang over other languages for creating any programme. Running Simultaneous tasks within an application is called concurrency. Go has many built-in features designed to handle several “concurrent web requests,” which in turn makes it a very efficient language for compiling a program as opposed to legacy languages such as Python. This means an Enterprise application will be able to handle many users at the same time. The Go Standard library is also rich in packages that help in creating feature-rich applications.


Grows with the business

When a language can handle several concurrent requests it automatically also has high scalability. As an enterprise grows the programs used will be required a do several things at the same time. Enterprises whose IT applications will be able to handle such an onslaught will be better at handling a growing Business. Golang is also great for developing open source projects as its tools, source code and compiler are all open and free for use.

Error Checks:

Nil Malfunction

Any programmer who has ever written a Go code will tell you about how chances of error are next to nil. Go comes with a built-in error type. It uses error values to indicate an abnormal state. For example, the os. Open function returns a non-nil error value when it fails to open a file. Owing to this attribute the chances that a Golang based application will malfunction is meager. While writing the code, the developer can spot the errors and this leads to an efficiently performing application for the Business.

Compiled Language:

Fast Performance

Golang is a compiled language. Compiled languages are fast. This is because they’re converted directly into machine-level code that can be read directly by the computer instead of being interpreted every time the application runs, like JavaScript on a web page. Due to its speed factor, Golang Projects are again an excellent choice for IT solutions of B2C as well as B2B Businesses.

Garbage Collection:

Boost App Speed

Golang’s garbage collection is excellent when viewed in the context of garbage collection mechanisms of languages like C# and Java. In such languages, we don’t know when garbage collection will happen and for how long it will run. This means that designing with any performance guarantee becomes difficult. Go, on the other hand, has reduced the garbage collection pauses down to around 100 microseconds. As a result, predictability improves performance in a program and Businesses are not troubled with slow application loading time. Also, golang web framework such as Echo, Beego, Buffalo contribute largely to boost speed and performance

Cross Platform:

Low investment

Golang is a modern language and has been developed with the purpose that it should comply with modern requirements. That is why web application and mobile applications developed using Golang perform well across various platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Android/ iOS and other operating systems. Golang was built explicitly for the cloud and helps develop high-performance Cloud applications. This means Businesses don't have to spend much on ensuring Cross-Platform functionality.

All these factors put together, motivated us to become a Golang Development Company. More and more enterprises are opting for go programing language based IT services which is why we at Qwentic have a team of enthusiastic and talented software engineers who are proficient at full stack development. So as we say here, “Go for Golang “ and get in touch with our team of Go language Experts to find the perfect solution for all your IT-based needs.

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