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The Client server application developed using Golang has helped to increase the customers webite traffic by 100%

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Customer Overview

The client is a website traffic monitor. They wanted to target the niche market of customised yet automated web traffic analysis services. Since this was to be a pioneer service it was realized that all existing software’s had the following drawbacks:

Business Problems

  • Google ranks websites in order of user experience rather than just number of visits. Most software’s came across as Bots whenever verified by Google.
  • The behavior of the user must mimic that of an actual user who visits a website, scrolls through the website, likes, comments and even shares an interesting page. Existing Software’s were not able to perform all these activities.
  • Buying backlinks and buying regular traffic was not helping improve SEO rankings either, because these are not able always able to penetrate through SEO checks of Google, YouTube, SoundCloud, Amazon or any other site that organizes its content with searches.

Thus the client needed excellent software that could bend around the above-stated limitations and provide a solution that shall reap profits not only for the client but also end users.

Technology Solution

web traffic analysis

We came up with a high computation, Client Server application for Web Traffic Analysis that executes customised algorithms to increase web traffic for the subscriber of the client’s website. The Client Server application is able to generate traffic that looks seemingly organic to search engines but is actually automated. This helps all traffic to the desired website to look like it is genuine and thus helps to scale SEO rankings of search engines. It allows the client's subscribers to set customised goals for their web traffic.

  • The entire Server has been built in Golang by using Echo framework. This has resulted in a robust and scalable “RESTful API”, easily organized into groups.
  • The complete system is hosted on Google cloud platform Compute Engine so as to enable scaling from single instances to global, load-balance and cloud computing.
  • Electron has been used to come up with this cross-platform application which can perform on Linux, Windows, Mac and the entire gamut of Operating Systems. This helps lower client’s investment costs. Being an open source framework it has also brought about a lot of flexibility while developing the code resulting in the possibility of setting extensive and in-depth goals for each and every project.
  • Further, the website of the client was built using Bootstrap and jQuery. These two tools coupled together have helped us deliver easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers in record time. This has helped reduce the clients Go-To-Market time and has cross-platform usability; again lowering clients investment cost for developing native apps for different platforms and devices.
  • The Server side comes with an administration interface and user interface. Each of them features a Data analysis function which has been powered by HighCharts (HiCharts) for the most interactive and insightful data analysis ever; giving the client as well as client’s subscribers a thorough understanding of each project.
  • Additionally, the database has been developed using PostgreSQL which is extremely efficient in handling even an extreme load of concurrent requests.

The above technical features have ensured that the client is served with the most robust application that solves the above issues. The Client saw a rise in their website traffic by 100%.

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