What is Website Traffic ?

To help entities figure SEO, there are a considerable number of enterprises providing relevant methods to increase website traffic by which Online Business operations can be accelerated. Such companies assist their clients to buy website traffic thereby improving the companies search Engine Rankings.


Bots make an integral part of the Website Traffic Industry. They provide desired web content with the stipulated number of visits; required to ace SEO rankings and thereby increase website traffic. Search Engines though became more stringent with their screening and were quickly able to detect automated visits. Search Engines also bar websites which buy website traffic, thereby leading to inorganic traffic.This meant that the industry is in need of a client-server application which can mimic authentic user activity pattern.


Thus, a Client-Server Application, would increase website traffic without coming across as a Bots. Such an application will also allow for more extensively detailed goals for every piece of web content.

Client-Server Application for Website Traffic Industry

A Client Server Application because of their complex yet customised Algorithms can accurately mimic an authentic user by executing customised yet complex algorithms. The application can increase website traffic while it looks seemingly organic to search engines but is automated. This helps all traffic to the desired website to look like it is genuine and thus helps to scale SEO rankings of search engines. It allows the client's subscribers to set customised goals for their web traffic, for example, which page they need to be visited, on which particular day and time they need greater traffic and many more such customised requests. The applications make use of a network of subscribers to benefit each subscriber’s web content. By running in the background of a subscriber’s computer, it can visit other subscriber’s web pages automatically. The USP here is that every such visit gets counted as a visit from a unique IP address, thereby strengthening its appearance as an organic engagement and can increase website traffic. Such applications are hosted on the cloud making them extremely scalable, can handle concurrent requests and most importantly are easy and quick to deploy.

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