What is HIPAA law?

There are several Regulations which are levied across the healthcare sector, in different countries.(e.g., HIPAA regulation in Healthcare industry). Such Regulations are a legal requirement that every stakeholder of the Healthcare industry is supposed to comply with. HIPAA Violation can lead to audit fines and other legal proceedings amounting to substantial financial losses and in some cases initiation of Criminal Proceedings.


A considerable part of hipaa specifies how protected health information is to be shared, with whom it can be shared and how it is to be shared. Thus the industry is in need of ready to deploy as well as customised SaaS, which will ensure that all concerned parties are receiving, sharing and storing data in the prescribed manner.


Such SaaS developed using Golang bring about a fair amount of uniformity to the way data is handled, while saving time, energy and costs of all stakeholders.

HIPAA SaaS for Healthcare Industry

SaaS applications for HIPAA Regulations in Healthcare Industry is not precisely a very recent concept, however, what is new is the development and deployment of encrypted messaging systems using Golang. The encrypted messaging systems; ensure that the message is seen only by the intended receiver, it is stored in an encrypted format and decrypted when being read with the use of a unique key. The above is just one example of how a SaaS for Healthcare regulation can function. Golang is used for developing more such applications which will be able to serve any particular aspect of compliance regulations; thus ensuring a more targeted approach to handle HIPAA.

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