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The Golang ecommerce platform has helped the client retain customer loyalty through improved customer buying experience. Powered by an analytics solution, it provides complete visibility into performance of the ecommerce platform.

Value Added:

The solution has led to improved brand awareness due to the new look and feel of the ecommerce website. Sales have improved drastically due to factors such as ease of use and fast performance.

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Business Problem

Based out of Middle-East the client is a key player in the online beauty and Cosmetic Products market. They were in urgent need for a Golang ecommerce platform. With considerable markets in Qatar, Saudi, Bahrain, UAE and Oman, the brand is growing exponentially. However, they face the following challenges while meeting their growing Business demands:

  • Their Magento ecommerce Platform performance is Slow leading to various glitches on their User end which results in poor Customer Experience. Since the brand is growing exponentially poor customer experiences can cut down growth.

  • Website Page load Speed is slow. The brand only has an online presence and something as critical as slow page load speed can hamper Brand image which is of extreme importance to client.

  • The brand wishes to expand to US and UK markets. However, their Magento ecommerce platform is not able to scale successfully to their present market needs. This makes it impossible for the Magento ecommerce platform to meet the needs of a more extensive market base.

  • The features and functionalities of the existing magento ecommerce platform are outdated and appear stale.

  • The ecommerce platform does not provide any customer insights which can help improve sales further.

golang ecommerce

Given the above shortcomings, the client desires to have an ecommerce platform which will be able to:

  • Provide fast page load speed, performance and smoother user experience.

  • Scale Easily with low Maintenance so as to reduce costs.

  • Handle several concurrent requests from any number of users.

  • Provide insights into customer behaviour through data analytics.

  • Have an innovative and fresh look and feel to it so that the brand is able to gather Customer interest when being launched into new markets in the US and UK.

Technology Solution

Golang is a better choice for an ecommerce platform as opposed to Magento ecommerce platform which is writen in PHP. The difference in the performance arises due to the inherent differences in the two languages, PHP and Golang.

We developed a Golang ecommerce platform. Due to its clean syntax with text-based workflow, minimalistic design, and precise language specification Golang makes maintainability of code less expensive and the development process faster. This means that the platform is up and running in no time. Major as well as minor changes can be made without an extended downtime making this platform more flexible for the client to implement modifications according to growing business needs.

The Golang ecommerce platform is best for fast page load speed due to Golangs inherent speed in performance. “Go lets you create compact data structures, avoiding unnecessary indirection. Compact data structures utilize the cache better.Better cache utilization leads to better performance.”. Golang’s garbage collection process, unlike other languages, does not strain the CPU memory, again leading to a faster-performing page.

The Golang ecommerce platform is also able to handle the incoming requests faster by freeing up hardware and Network resources for users.It increases the ability of the web application to handle several concurrent requests by switching efficiently between several goroutines effectively. Golang assures Concurrency as well as Scalability, solving our Clients issue of wanting to expand their market.

Powered by Hadoop our platform also provides Big Data Analytics. Some of the Predictive Analytics it performs analyzing the platforms Big Data is:

  • Predict customers buying pattern, by analysing past interests
  • Determine the highest price a customer will pay for a product
  • Target recommendations and promotions for individual clients
  • Practice better price management for improved revenue
  • Reduce fraud to prevent losses
  • Improve supply chain management
  • Enhance business intelligence

Business Benefits

The Golang ecommerce platform has benefited the client immensely. Some of the statistics that point towards this fact are:

ecommerce platform

Customer feedback complaints regarding slow page load time are 0

page load speed

20% higher Sales in new markets than earlier markets in the same time frame


30% rise in Brand awareness amongst target customers.

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