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The Golang Chatbot solution helped the client bring down operational cost by 70% and improved scalability of the business by 300%.

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Business Problem

The client is an emerging e learning company specializing in custom e-learning solutions. They operate using unique methodology wherein each students training content and methodology varies.

To customize the training further every student needs to be assigned an individual mentor. However, given the companies fast growing pace it was getting increasingly difficult for training staff to answer all queries. Thus, customer satisfaction was adversely affected.

Students are based out of various time zones and are further offered flexible hours of training. Hence, it was getting difficult to provide services round the clock, too.

Each student also required to be assigned the right mentor, who would not only be able to handle the level of training but also be available at the required time. A lot of time and effort was being wasted to do the same, manually.

Given the above factors, Client was looking for Artificial Intelligence chatbot which would be scalable in nature (It could handle the pace of business growth), operate 24*7, match the bandwidth of student and mentor, provide an interactive and attractive user interface as well as reduce operational costs.

Golang Chatbot

Technology Solution

According to HubSpot, 2017; 57% of consumers are interested in chatbots for their instantaneity.Keeping the above figure in mind, Qwentic, which is one of those few IT solutions enterprises, who truly specialize in Golang Chatbot applications provided the client with a superior design Golang Chatbot solution. The solution helped the client bring down operational cost by 70% and improved scalability of the business by 300%

The team developed a system in which the Artificial Intelligence Chatbot plays the role of a guide by enquiring and responding to queries of students in a chat box. It enquires students about interests and desired courses and is also able to reply to the doubts they present. Depending upon this each prospective student is directed towards an appropriate mentor and course. This gives rise to two benefits:

Teachers save on valuable time that can now be better allocated

The company saves on the cost of employing staff for longer hours

On the user end also there were now a number of benefits:

Instant help for students at all hours improves learning experience

Guidance availability 24*7 and flexible hours of learning (according to student’s needs)

An interactive form of learning with the help of audio-visual-text messages.

By deploying this advanced technology Artificial Intelligence Chatbot, Qwentic helped the client beat operational costs as well as assisted them in offering superior training methodology to achieve student satisfaction.

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