Clients Served


AR in Advertisement

The Ad platform provides a location-aware function; view data capture and is capable

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HIPAA Compliance

This Software as a Service model allows confidential information to be shared over

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Chatbot for E-Learning

The Chatbot is able to assign an appropriate mentor to students, ask and answer queries

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Web Traffic Manager

The Client-Server Application allows subscribers of the client's website to set detailed goals

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Analytics solution for Retail

The Big Data platform is able to process over 900 GB of data annually to provide Client with

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Analytics in Energy Consumption

The big data analytics solution provides real time analytics about which energy consumption

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Analytics for Manufacturing Industry

The Client faced losses due to fraudulent claims made by their end users.

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Analytics for Agricultural

The Analytics Solution for Agricultural Domain is capable of Predictive and Real time

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Industries Served



Augmented Reality-based business solutions are helping advertising companies across the world

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Chatbot Solutions can help E-Learning companies across the world provide their clients

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Healthcare Compliance

There are several Regulations which are levied across the healthcare sector, in different countries

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web traffic

Web Traffic

Online Businesses need Web Traffic Management to optimise their Search Engine ranking.

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Qwentic is a leading technology consulting company, engaged in offering end to end consulting services. We are technology consulting partners to several leading businesses across a diverse range of industries spanning Logistics, Healthcare, Advertisement, and E-learning

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