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Solution at a Glance

The solution is an Augmented Reality based image processing platform which integrates a repository of visual content with an easy to use AR project creator.

Value Added

We brought the client a huge repository of visual content that can be integrated with AR project creation. The solution was considered for the prestigious UN Sustainable Development Goals Award.

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Client Overview

The Canadian Client is a key player in the telecom sector. They have diversified into the field of Augmented Reality to create advertisements, telemedicine and more. They wished to create an image processing platforms repository of 2D & 3D images, video and graphic creations which can be further used to produce Augmented Reality graphics. The aim was to make Augmented Reality Technology more accessible for businesses as well as individuals. In support of sustainable goals such as quality education and Good health the client also wished to reach to a larger audience mainly elderly and children.This project with its vivid and descriptive graphics is aimed to evolve into a recreational central for people of all ages. It includes the very old who will enjoy quality entertainment of period and current events, music, narration and games. Such activities can keep the mind agile. Due to presentation in high quality animation graphics, in Augmented / Virtual / Mixed Reality Production image processing platforms can also serve as an educational tool for the young.

Business Challenges

Though, a novel idea the project comes with its share of challenges, namely:


End users must find it easy-to-use. The process of creating the Augmented Reality project must be simple enough to target amateur users.

Augmented Reality Projects

The solution must be cost-effective. Most Augmented Reality projects creating services are expensive to the end user.

Image Processing Platforms

The solution platform must be able to provide several comprehensive layers of digital content over and above reality; to provide all-round Augmented Reality experience.


Integrate AR Creating platform with an image repository website so that users have an AR project creator along with a variety of variety of visual content.

Business Solution

Such Augmented Reality Image processing platforms allow subscribers to avail themselves the usage of a web-based AR Editor, for building AR-enabled content.The web application consists of a vast collection of images that subscribers can purchase.They can also store/download photos, videos, and graphic creations and use them further for AR Production. Users simply need to add image markers, then add content such as images, text, etc. and publish the project. A mobile-based app is used to view the AR effects.

Technological Solution

  1. A Golang Server powers the above-integrated Web application. Developing the web application in Golang ensured quick deployment and shorter Go-To-Market period. We used GORM an ORM Library for Golang. It is developer friendly and leads to a more secure web application which can automatically handle connection pool.

  2. By using Echo Framework, we have enabled a highly optimized HTTP router with zero dynamic memory allocation that can smartly prioritize routes.It has led to a robust and scalable RESTful API that is efficiently organized into groups.

  3. Using Angular 4 and Golang, we have come up with a straightforward User Interface that helps solve our challenge of creating an easy to use web app.

  4. Viper Architecture has been used to develop this otherwise complex project. It has helped simplify the project as modules are independent in Viper. Viper has facilitated the addition of complex layers of features such as image, video, text, audio, and box to AR productions of the web application.

  5. Bimg a Small Golang package for fast high-level image processing has allowed users to be more creative with the images. It supports image operations such as crop, resize, zoom, etc

  6. By integrating so many features in such Augmented Reality Image Processing Platforms our application, provides the client with a cost-effective solution, which can be ultimately brought to end users at very nominal subscription fee.
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