Business Problems

The advertising Industry today is in active pursuit of a more engaging form of advertisement platform in the form of Augmented Reality. This can not only reduce the cost of running advertisement campaigns but will also be more engaging.


The industry needs an advertising platform that can actively engage customers with a brand while they wait to be attended to. There is a high requirement for showcasing the suitability of specific products in real life environments to prospective clients.


With Augmented Reality based Digital advertising solutions, clients can monitor the campaign closely and thus help target a more niche audience. Such campaigns also reduce the cost of running a campaign for all concerned stakeholders, since the advertisement needs to be created and uploaded only once.

Technology Solutions

By founding a digital platform on Augmented Reality technology, the advertisement industry has its most engaging business solution ever. For instance, the service industry clients such as auto servicing, beauty services, restaurants can now be engaged with the brand while they wait to be attended to. By merely running their phone over a marker of interest a trigger, a game or an advertisement can begin to play on the targeted buyer’s phone. Further, such a platform can also be used to allow prospective buyers to try out products such as fashion, design and décor products in real life environment. This leads to higher customer satisfaction. Such advertising platform applications, when installed in a Smartphone of the end user, can trigger an Augmented Reality based advertisement. To do this, the camera only needs to be pointed at a Marker printed on a medium of interest. The ad platform will let the smartphone to automatically pop an advertisement when it is at a particular location in proximity to a Bluetooth technology based beacon. This ad can be in the form of audio prompt along with an engaging graphic. The ads are thus engaging while at the same time helpful for showcasing products in real life environment while reducing costs of running the campaign.

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