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“Qwentic is a team of competent and dedicated professionals. While developing our product they quickly understood our needs and requirements and consistently delivered well-written, well-documented code on a timely basis.”

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Qwentic took advantage of Golang to deliver an interactive Augmented Reality Digital Platform which allowed the client to increase its client base by at least 25% and reduce cost of operations by 7%.

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Business Problems

Based out of Canada the client is a key player in the Telecom sector. They wish to diversify into the Augmented Reality Advertising industry by providing an engaging augmented reality digital platform to their clients who are both end users as well as Resellers. The client wanted to divert from the traditional forms of print, digital and social media advertisements and come up with a more engaging and cost-effective form of advertisement for their clients, in the form of an augmented reality-based digital platform.

The client’s concern was to come up with augmented reality advertising platform which could address the following issues:

The platform should handle any number of users. The platform needs to be scalable and should be effectively able to handle a growing number of users.

Provide decor, fashion and design businesses a platform to showcase the suitability of their products in real life environments to prospective clients.

Monitor and reduce the cost of running advertisement campaigns. The platform must be able to give complete visibility into campaign performance.

Effectively engage customers of the service industry while they wait to be attended to. E.g. in restaurants, clinics, salons, car service stations etc.

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Technology Solutions

  1. We developed a digital medium for advertisement which makes use of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. It features location-aware function; view data capture and is capable of big data analysis. The entire platform was developed in Golang.

  2. Since Golang is known for being one of the most scalable codes, the platform can handle any number of users. Any level of advertisers and resellers can be added under each reseller, thus allowing great scalability.

  3. The advertisement platform also allows the application when installed in a Smartphone of the end user to trigger an augmented reality uses in advertising. To do this the camera simply needs to be pointed at a Marker printed on a medium of interest.

  4. The ad platform further lets the smartphone to automatically pop an advertisement when it is at a particular location in proximity to a Bluetooth technology based beacon. This ad can be in the form of audio prompt along with an engaging graphic.

  5. We also provided big data analysis function in the form of a web-based dashboard for monitoring of campaign performance and cost and margin management etc. by all stakeholders. This allows complete visibility into every ad campaign performance.

Business Benefits:

More than 30,000 AR Projects are created every month on the platform.

The business model of the platform supports more than 200 Resellers.

There are about 10,000 End Users who take advantage of the platform.

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