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Most ecommerce platforms built on Magento have off late been investing a lot of time and money to Speed up Magento . For the uninitiated, Magento is an open source e-commerce platform written in PHP and the task to Speed up Magento is no mean feat. Growing success of online Businesses has led to a spurt in e-commerce websites. Magento being one of the first e-commerce platforms, enjoyed its fair share of popularity.Retailers opted for Magento to build their online shopping portals due to its design templates, third-party Google services, SEO friendly functions and other user friendly features.

However more and more Magento users are facing issues with Magento performance. Most complain of slow page loading and are unable to Speed up Magento performance. They are opting to migrate to other e-commerce platforms due to the issues with Magento speed.

Some of the main issues that Magento e-commerce websites face are:

Slow performance:

One of the significant drawbacks of this seemingly feature-rich e-commerce tool as mentioned earlier is slow page loading. With the advent of smartphones, users expect pages to load as quickly on their smartphones as on computers. A delay of 1-4 seconds ups the chances of page abandonment, in fact, most participants wait 6-10 seconds before abandoning a page. Slow page loading happens because Magento requires an excellent hosting environment. If the website is not hosted correctly and doesn’t have a good server, users may experience slow load time.

Heavily layered and complex coding:

As Magento is written in PHP its heavy and complex coding makes maintenance a very tedious affair. Whenever the e-commerce website needs changes, the involved developer must understand the coding in detail. In case the developer has not originally developed the website, they tend to get overwhelmed by the artificial complexity of this platform. This leaves the site vulnerable and leads to unnecessary website downtime.

Other than the reasons mentioned above because of which Magento users are migrating to other platforms, there are several other factors which make Magento unfavorable. Some of these are longer go-to-market time and huge investments both in terms of money and time.

"Thus, whenever an existing Magento using client has approached us for solutions to speed up Magento, we have guided them towards Golang. Our reasons for choosing Golang to develop an e-commerce platform can be listed down to the following points:"

Migrating is easy:

Migrating to Golang is easy in terms of deployment as well as costs. It is a cost effective platform and does not demand unnecessary investment of time and money. Also a Golang based e-commerce platform is up and running in no time. It is very easy, cost effective and quick to migrate to Golang.


As opposed to PHP, Golang is a great choice for developing e-commerce websites, due to its clean syntax with text-based workflow, minimalistic design, and precise language specification. Its simplicity makes maintainability of code less expensive and the development process faster. Owing to this every time the website undergoes major or minor changes, they can be implemented easily and safely.

Fast Go-To market time:

Golang is easy to run and deploy. This means applications can be developed more quickly and efficiently. Further, Golang is developing rapidly due to its growing community. The language is easy for a developer to learn and show good results real soon. All the shared knowledge and information leads to a more mature and robust web application.

Cross-Platform support:

Since most people access the internet over their smartphones; it is essential that the e-commerce website should be functional across all platforms. Golang has usability across multiple platforms due to its built-in language features in a standard library. Many issues that might seem tedious and complicated to handle across different platforms are already solved. Golang also has the support for cross-compilation with lots of tutorials and instructions on how to do it best.


Golang demands that every variable must have a type associated with it. Thus, a developer must be meticulous and can’t skip details which might otherwise lead to bugs. As a result, the code is safe. This prevents wastage of time and money on searching and fixing bugs. The developer must also dedicate attention to dealing with errors because of the strict compiler, which again leads to a secure code for the e-commerce website.

Given all the above factors it can be an overwhelming task to Speed up Magento. Golang is instead an ideal choice for developing an e-commerce platform.

Let us know your thoughts about it and drop us a message if your business is finding it challenging to Speed up Magento. We will help you migrate to a more stable and robust e-commerce platform by leveraging the advantages of Golang.

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