IIoT Centrifugal Pumps to fasten business Processes

IIoT Centrifugal Pumps are of significant importance in several Industry and business processes. They are an integral part of many large-scale heavy industries where industrial processes play a vital role. Centrifugal Pumps see wide usage in Chemical Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Mining, and power generation to name just a few. In such industries, smooth Plant Uptime is a necessity as any glitches in operations can hold up important processes resulting in unwarranted costs.

Thus in these industries, smooth upkeep of equipment is a must. Pumps being significantly important equipment need condition based monitoring at all times. Centrifugal Pumps are plagued with several problems owing to their nature of operations which makes them prone to Downtime.

Manual monitoring of Pumping equipment can be a very cumbersome process. Remote location of pumps, equipment spread over vast area and inhospitable environment, are only some of the physical hindrances. Additionally, it is seen that collecting very minute information such as impeller damage, upcoming downtime and shaft fractures can be difficult.

Technological Solution

With the advent of IIoT technology, manual monitoring is a thing of the past. IoT technology addresses these challenges using technology such as edge computing, analytics, cloud access, and mobile device support.

The process of automatically monitoring centrifugal pump begins with a variety of sensors. The pump is outfitted with multiple sensors that measure vibration, voltage, current, temperature, pressure and flow rate. IIoT gateways designed to connect operational technology to information technology, specifically for brownfield applications, need to be open enough to support a range of sensors, including new sensor technologies as they are merged into the IIoT platform.

By shifting from a manual-route-based maintenance routine to one that uses online monitoring for critical and near-critical assets such as pumps, businesses can monitor more machines more often and enable their workforces to spend more time diagnosing and managing assets instead of walking or driving around to take measurements. The ability to compute power on the asset can help analyze the data in near real time and improve the probability of catching pumping equipment downtime before it can happen. This ability also reduces the required network bandwidth because dynamic measurements such as vibration are often run at tens of thousands of samples per second. There is no reason to excessively stream megabytes of data from a healthy pump all the way to the cloud.

Such pump-monitoring systems also feature analytics applications that can perform both diagnostic and prognostic calculations on the pump, in other words, it helps to understand “What’s going to break?” and “When will it break?” If the job of the maintenance engineers belonging to the support team of a pump manufacturer/ rental is to keep things running, then a system that tells them exactly what is wrong and how long they have to fix it is useful. Such an IIoT platform allows Pump Manufacturers to acquire actionable intelligence so as to avoid pump and customer plant downtime.

Centrifugal Pump

Benefits to Business Process by using such IIoT powered Centrifugal Pumps:

  • Whenever there is a component failure in the pump a lot of time is wasted in identifying the failed part, identifying its make and then reordering it. However, when the IIoT Platform is synced with the asset management system it is possible to identify which equipment has failed and what is its make and design. This enables quick reorder and hastens the repair process.
  • Pump manufacturers/ Rental are now redefining their value proposition and gradually drifting towards service-based business models. They can leverage such an IIoT platform which includes industrial cloud, big data, mobility, cognitive intelligence, and edge analytics to continuously monitor asset performance and adopt predictive approach for their maintenance process.
  • Several human resource hours are wasted in monitoring pumping equipment. A maintenance professional’s time is spent on transit between several Pumping equipment to take manual measurements. A lot of this time is spent in gathering data form pumps which are healthy and operational. Since the goal is to find the problems before costly downtime this time and effort could be utilized in overseeing pumps that are about to malfunction. If predictive alerts can be received in time then such Human resources can be utilized in taking corrective actions only where necessary and not wasting them on unnecessary tasks. So if the entire process of monitoring can be done remotely the Human Resource utilization process can be much smoother.

There are several other use case scenarios wherein our Qwentic has helped Pump Manufacturers/ Rentals take advantage of IIoT Platforms for Centrifugal Pumps. To know more about them you can drop us a message here.

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