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Go is a modern programming language, still new to many developers. That said there is no shortage of Golang Resources. The Gophers community is established and widespread. The vast number of Go Experts who share their knowledge make it easier for existing developers as well as newbies to pick up Go Programming language. Popular Go Experts have started blogs, written books and organized workshops to spread this language.

Here we have listed out some extremely popular Go Experts who are taking the developer community by storm. Follow them, read their books, attend their workshops; to learn as much as you can about this wonderful language.

Golang Contributors

William Kennedy:

He is one of the first names that come to mind when we start speaking of famous Golang Developers. As a Golang trainer, he has trained several engineers who are now part of some of the best Golang projects. The main contributor to the blog GoingGo he educates extensively on different aspects of Programming; specifically Golang. William is also co-author of the book Go in Action. The book is ideal for an intermediate level programmer new to Golang. It provides a comprehensive view to Golang in a manner that it is easily understandable by a developer.

Francesc Campoy Flores

He is an Avid Gopher and a Developer Advocate. His website campoy.cat is informative as well as fun to read. He also puts up videos on his Youtube channel, Just for Func. The videos are mostly about hacking with Go and Cloud technologies. He is a must follow!

Brian Ketelsen

He is the Founder and an instructor at Gopher Academy, which he began with the idea of fostering a community of Go developers. Follow Gopher Academy to stay updated about educational material and scholarships in the field of Golang. It’s an excellent platform for people to learn this language and share their thoughts, views and even opportunities in this area. Brian also has co-authored Go in Action with William Kennedy.

Russ Cox

Russ is a popular Go hacker and tech lead for Go Language team at Google. His website research.swtch is one of the most visited Golang resources.

Dave Cheney

He is a Go advocate and an avid Golang blogger. He blogs at Dave.Cheney.net. Also, he is a top-rated Golang speaker. It is a complete treat to attend any of his talks on Golang. So make sure you attend his workshops, whenever you can.

Listed above are only a few of the best Golang Developers. There are many more out there. Let us know about the others you know of. Also, the ones at Qwentic are pretty good themselves, eh! Drop us a message and let’s discuss Golang based business solutions at length.

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