Cyber security Trends 2018

It is important for businesses to understand upcoming Cyber security trends as their is a growing number of Cyber attacks across industries. This has called for strict compliance rules within various domains. Starting from HIPAA to protect patient health information in the healthcare sector to Payment Card Industry Security Councils Data Security Standard(PCI DSS) in Retail. These standards and Regulatory measures are not merely about compliance but extremely important as regards companies cybersecurity program. All organizations must indulge in a continuous cybersecurity management program to protect themselves and their clients/ vendors from ransomware, malware and other Cyber security threats. Thus here's a wrap of Cyber security trends 2018.

More than 50% of U.S. businesses experienced a cyber attack in 2017. If statistical trends are to be believed; companies of all sizes will continue to struggle with data breaches into 2018 too. In the face of such imminent cyber security threats, it becomes urgent for companies to adopt Cybersecurity solutions developed in-house or outsourced from cyber security experts. To this effect, some of the innovative cybersecurity trends that businesses can look forward to in 2018 are:

Machine Learning:

Machine learning (ML) is expected to come up in a big way for Cyber security solutions. Such solutions powered by ML capabilities will help predict and prevent cyber security instances in real time. It can help identify patterns of malicious activities whether on the endpoint, network, fraud or at the security management software, thus enabling easier detection of fraud.

Customized Solutions:

The growth in the number of unique businesses will lead to organizations exploring non-standard cyber security solutions including building or purchasing customized capabilities to meet compliance standards. Since the nature of every business is different, organizations will put more emphasis on solutions that are customized entirely to fit their purpose. As such Cyber security experts will be focussing more on customized solutions.

Big Data Analytics:

There will also be a lot of focus on Data processing and Analytics software capable of pulling threat intelligence feeds in addition to traditional log data. Such solutions will possess security analytics capabilities that process network behavior as well as user behavior to give more intelligence around whether an activity indicates malicious intent. These solutions will be capable of saving, sorting and processing huge amounts of data on a daily basis.

Password Managers:

Password management software will also see a surge in popularity this year. Such a software typically stores and manages the passwords that a user has for various online accounts and security features. The passwords are stored in an encrypted format and provide secure access to all the password information with the help of a master password.

Encryption SaaS:

Not only can Encryption help store passwords securely but it is also instrumental in securing online forms of communication. Such SaaS is especially important to meet standards such as the HIPAA compliance. It can ensure that communication of Patient health information(PHI) is done in a secure manner by encrypting the information. The data stays encrypted while it is being stored as well as transferred. This can prevent valuable information being supplied to miscreants.

At Qwentic we understand the importance of Cyber security trends to your organization. Our best minds are continually employed in finding the most innovative, customized and secure solution for our clients which take advantage of Cyber security trends 2018. Drop us a message to know more about the Cyber security solutions that we have developed.

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