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Golang is a modern language known for its scalability, concurrency, and superior error check. Though a fairly new language its creators Rob Pike, Ken Thompson, and Robert Greisemer created it with the purpose of overcoming some of the shortcomings of existing languages such as C and Java.

Golang requires lesser lines of code as opposed to most other computing languages. Due to this simple syntax feature, Golang applications can be developed and deployed in a much shorter time. This makes the Go-To market time of Golang applications much shorter. Due to a host of advantages that Golang is offering many businesses are opting to use Golang as a language of choice for their software solutions. Some of the Companies which use Golang are as follows:


Uber has written over a hundred services in Golang. Geobase one of the most recent Uber services written in Golang matches riders to drivers, sharding the matching across machines. Infact Golang powers a majority of high QPS services at Uber.


Google uses Go for many internal projects. The service that runs source for Chrome, Earth, Android SDK, and other large Google downloads--has been rewritten in Go.


It is a video-sharing website hosted in France. The website resembles YouTube; it streams videos, including original content created by Dailymotion studios. Most of their new backend projects use Golang due to its simplicity, performance and static type checking.


The online content publishing platform Medium is also using Golang extensively. Their Neo4j database is managed by a service written in Go which they refer to as GoSocial.

As big names are increasingly opting for Golang to develop their business solutions, it is only a matter of time before Golang sees wide application across several industries. Qwentic is assisting enterprises to make a switch to scalable, efficient and easy to maintain software solutions.

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