About Qwentic

Qwentic is a leading technology consulting company, engaged in offering end to end consulting services. We are technology consulting partners to several leading businesses across a diverse range of industries spanning Logistics, Healthcare, Advertisement, and E-learning. We help chart out the entire technology road map for our clients and back it up with excellent IT solutions by leveraging the power of Golang and its best development practices. Such Intelligent technology backup solutions are ideal for fast-growing organizations to meet operational and business challenges. Our existing global set of clients have already benefited immensely with some of our key business driving agents such as Advance Data Analytics, Cloud applications, and Internet of Things among others. We envision enterprises and organisations delivering the best when they are backed by the most modern computational technology.

AR in Advertisement

The Ad platform provides a location-aware function; view data capture and is capable of big data analysis.It allows location or a Marker to trigger an advertisement on end users mobile. This allows customers to actively engage with the brand as well as try out the suitability.

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HIPAA Compliance

This Software as a Service model allows confidential information to be shared over the internet in a secure manner by ensuring it stays decrypted till it is seen by the intended viewer. The USP lies in a key which needs to match for viewing of content of the files.

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Chatbot Solutions can help E-Learning companies across the world provide their clients with the right mix of customised training, best match mentors and round the clock services in optimal environments. Such intelligent Chatbot Applications help

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Web Traffic

Online Businesses need Web Traffic Management to optimise their Search Engine ranking. Each enterprise wishes to feature at the top of every relevant search, which can be difficult simply because there’s a tremendous amount of content present

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  • Rahul Khode

    Director, Co-Founder

    Rahul is a strong business leader who leads by example. He has over 12 years of experience as a Technology Advisor to growth-hungry Enterprises, helping them to accelerate their business growth. His expertise lies in IoT, Cloud, Enterprise Mobility & Big data Analytics solutions.At Qwentic he is responsible for Business Development, spearheading marketing activities and organizational building.Rahul is blessed with a green finger and enjoys farming and agriculture.

  • Pankaj Khairnar

    CTO, Co-Founder

    Pankaj is a technology fanatic with a deep understanding of Information Technology in Business. He holds over 10+ years of experience in developing business accelerating technology. By implementing various technologies and services, he was instrumental in delivering technology first solutions to Startups as well as fortune 500 companies. At Qwentic he is responsible for Technical Ownership, Team development, Architecture and Mentoring.He enjoys reading about marketing and technology.


Firstdot is a Technology, Consulting Software development and Outsourcing services provider based out of Chester, United Kingdom with offices in Botswana, India, and Dubai(starting). They partner with us to deliver a competitive advantage through their partnership approach, global capability, and flexible delivery model.

With expertise in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Management, Fraud & Security Intelligence, Risk Management, Supply Chain Intelligence and more they are industry experts.

Additionally they offer SaaS Solutions, Cloud Computing, Legacy App Migration. Their Key specialisation is to merge various solutions to come up with one Feature Rich, High Functionality Platform.


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