Golang Services

Build web application with Golang

Golang Services

Enterprise Applications Services
Create robust enterprise applications using Golang and Docker Technology

Enterprise application being effort intensive requires them to be robust and secure. Usage of Golang and Docker technology ensures:

  • Speedy development process
  • Faster go-to-market
  • Easy to use libraries (Due to Golang)

In other words, it helps create an optimal environment for the development of a variety of enterprise applications.

We help create Enterprise-grade applications that are capable of adapting to changing market needs. Our clients can choose from cloud-enabled as well as standalone applications which are computed using Golang. We support Amazon and Google cloud for developing cloud-enabled enterprise applications.

Golang Services

Big Data Analytics Solutions
Implementing advanced Golang big data analytics solutions using Golang and Hadoop

We help organizations implement big data analytics solutions which have been developed using Golang and Hadoop.

Data is growing at an exponential rate across all industries and it is getting increasingly difficult to decipher information from such large amount of data. We help industries implement Predictive Analytics on historical data as well as real-time analytics on live streaming data.

Golang coupled with Docker technology helps create high-performance computation environment for handling large data streams as well as discrete data. We have already created multiple success stories that revolve around advanced Golang Big data analytics being used to crunch huge amount of data that helps take critical business decisions.

Golang Services

Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Building Cross-Platform native mobile application using Apache Cordova and React Native

With Mobile platform enabled enterprise applications, a business can achieve better control over enterprise operations such as Field Mobility, Customer engagement, Supply Chain and ERP systems. Cross-platform cloud-enabled native/hybrid mobile applications are best suited to provide greater accessibility to all concerned without hampering mobility of resources for accessing data.

We at Qwentic leverage the advantages of Apache Cordova and React Native which are some of the best platforms to develop cross-platform mobile applications. Capable of functioning on all mobile devices such as ioS, Android, and Windows platform; it helps reduce development cost and go to market time.

Golang Services

Technology Consulting Service
Implementing Growth centric Technology solutions using Golang, Docker and Blockchain framework

Qwentic offers its clients with end-to-end consulting for leveraging technology to achieve business goals. We help our customers with detailed solution consulting in terms of Scope, efforts estimate, business outcomes and overall growth potential by basing most of our solutions over Golang.

Our Golang based services include technology platform consulting, cloud as a Service consulting, enterprise mobility solutions and data analytics consulting. By using Golang as the underlying development platform we integrate various enterprise services into a single operational environment.

Golang Services

Legacy Applications Modernization
Modernize Legacy Applications using GoLang, PHP and Cloud platform

Re-architect your existing Legacy applications in-order to make them compatible with disruptive technologies such as Cloud, Data Analytics, and Enterprise Mobility. Golang supports ease of modernizing legacy applications by integrating them with cloud platforms such as AWS and Google cloud among others.

We have gained substantial experience in modernizing enterprise applications with a competent platform such as cloud, enterprise mobility and data analytics with little or no disruptions to day to day operations.