Building Next-Gen Enterprise Applications for Growth Seeking Industries

We create technology leading Enterprise Applications using best practices of Golang , Enterprise Mobility, Cloud and Big Data Analytics to help enterprises across Manufacturing, Processing, Agriculture and Chemical attain Business Growth

Cloud Native Applications over Golang Build cloud native, complex and Robust applications using Go Programming Language

Migrating Enterprise Apps to cloud Migrate Existing Legacy applications to Cloud with faster Go-to-Market

Cross Platform Mobile Applications Build Cloud Enabled Cross Platform Mobile Applications using Xamarin and Apache Cordova

Next Gen Applications using Cloud and Golang Build High Availability and Scalable Applications using Go Programming Language

About Us

Qwentic Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Established in year 2015 and incorporated in 2016, is a leading IT company and is engaged in offering various Golang services. Qwentic is a team of experienced Golang developers who are ardent about providing excellent IT solutions by leveraging power of Go programmng language and its best Go development practices.

Qwentic is young company primarily pioneering in Google’s Go programming language to deliver technology first Go development solutions for its customers across the globe. Qwentic believes in delivering solutions for Enterprises and businesses alike to solve their business challenges. We help industries across Logistics, Retail, Agriculture and E-learning, Advance Data Analytics, Cloud applications and Internet of Things as key business drivers.


  • Enterprise Apps Services

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Enterprise Mobility Services

  • Technology Consulting Services

  • Legacy Apps Modernization